The top Water Flosser Alternative.

Is the water flosser with the greatest pressure the best option?

Your Google search is “which water flosser has the greatest pressure” ;.There’s an issue with this approach as many of them have significantly more pressure than is essential or what we consider safe. You might end up making your gum disease worse.

Studies have proven the advantages of adding water flossing to your daily oral health routine. Water flossers do an excellent job of removing food particles and some plaque from between your teeth and toothpaste for braces below the gum line. Even with this fact you need to be careful when using one particularly if you have gum disease.

When you yourself have been identified as having Periodontal Disease your gums have began to detach from the bottom of one’s teeth. The past thing you need is just a high pressure stream of water assisting in this detachment and creating a greater pocket.

Have you been utilizing a Perio tip? STOP! Manufacturers who include Perio tips instruct users to only use them on the cheapest pressure setting. Most folks are unaware of that guidance or have already been manipulated into convinced that the bigger the pressure, the healthier their gums will be.

Most flossers deliver 100 to 120 PSI at the greatest pressure setting. The only real water flossers we recomment are water flossers that utilize Xylitol. They are made to deliver 80 to 90 PSI. At this pressure level most people’s experience will soon be comfortable that’ll encourage daily use. Studies have proven that this can be a safe level that will not create more damage or push bacteria deeper to the gum pocket.

Studies have proven the advantages of adding Xylitol toothpaste, gum, mints to your day. The Plaque Bacteria that creates the damage by excreting acid absorbs the Xylitol and cannot metabolize it. The end result is this bacteria starve to death.

The better approach is a soft approach. Allow your gums to heal by minimizing the explanation for the gum recession with Xylitol rich toothpaste and Xylitol water flosser tablets. They weaken and eliminate most of the Plaque Bacteria. You will be able to gently brush any Plaque away without excessive pressure.

When you end up buying a flosser or replace the system you have, you will want to seek out Xylitol water flosser. You will discover many different options available. You can find flossers which can be quieter models, some with UV storage compartments and also units which can be cordless for travel.

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