Best Things to do in Washington DC:


Washington, D.C. may be the capital of the United States of America and the seat of its three branches of government, along with the federal district of the U.S. The city comes with an unparalleled number of free, public museums and lots of the nation’s most treasured monuments and memorials. The vistas on the National Mall involving the Capitol, Washington Monument, White House, and Lincoln Memorial are famous across the world as icons of the world’s wealthiest and strongest nation.D.C. has shopping, dining, and nightlife befitting a world-class metropolis. The city is exciting, cosmopolitan, and international.Fill your days with visits to iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Plus, the city’s plethora of Smithsonian museums gives you plenty to complete on rainy or hot days. When the weather cooperates, explore some of D.C.’s green spaces, like the U.S. National Arboretum and Rock Creek Park. A stroll across the Georgetown waterfront can be a soothing way to spend an afternoon. And don’t forget to check out the city’s lively restaurant and bar scene in areas such as the U Street and H Street corridors.

Mount Constitution on Orcas Island is the best place to visit in Washington. You are able to drive or hike as much as the 2,409-foot summit in Moran State Park, which has a panorama to die for. Disseminate below are the San Juan Islands along with Canada’s Gulf Islands. The 10,778-foot Mount Baker looms to the east, living up to a rough translation of its native name: The Great White Watcher. Olympics are dream hazy to the south.Accessible by small boat is another great whale watching spot, Turn Point on Stuart Island. It’s the main San Juan Islands National Monument, designed in 2013 by President Obama.

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